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Welcome, To ByteLine Studio

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ByteLine Studio is a designer software company that specialises in website development, and mobile application development. Our website and app projects come complete with MySight, the most user-friendly Content Management System available, with built in basic SEO features. Learn more about MySight here, or go straight to ByteLine’s MySight Experience to view our tutorial.

Before taking on any website projects, we provide you with a free interactive design within 24-48 hours, so you can see what your website could look like before you’ve even paid! With this free design comes a free consultation to help breakdown any confusion with how our processes work, or how website development works in the modern world.

Get your free consultation and interactive design here.

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ByteLines bespoke content management system. MySight prides itself on simplicity, with 3 simple ways of editing your website, and basic SEO features. It takes less than 30 minutes to master MySight, making it the most user-friendly CMS available.

MySight, Your Site.

Website Prices

Your Website, Your Decision

Whether you are starting from scratch, or looking for a revamp, ByteLine Studio will provide you with everything you could need. ByteLine Web Projects are completed in 9 simple stages, all listed in our Project Life Cycle document. Your ByteLine Web Design Project comes set with a number of outstanding features:

  • Web Analysis Report
  • 50gb Free Cloud Hosting
  • ByteLine's MySight Content Management System
  • Complete Cross Device Compatibility
  • Specially Selected Photography Work
  • Provision of Website Legal Documents
  • Optional Branding, Marketing, and Design Evaluation
  • SEO Basic Package
  • 24/7 Development Process Support, with a personally assigned developer


Estimated Cost: £100 - £250

This tier is for basic eCommerce websites that are only looking to sell goods and services, with minimal additional core pages (product pages do not count as core pages). These website will be bespoke in their design, but the features will be based on basic eCommerce features.

Applicable Payment Plans: One-Off Payment.


Estimated Cost: £250 - £500

Looking for something small, just to show off the essentials, like important company or personal information? This is the package for you. With just a few pages an some static features, we’ll make you a masterpiece that bring you the essentials.
This tier is applicable to small eCommerce sites with core pages and features.

Applicable Payment Plans: One-Off Payment | 4 Monthly Installments (Interest Rates Apply).


Estimated Cost: £500 - £1000

This is our most common tier. Used by both small and large scale businesses, this is a simple website with a wider range of features, such as blogs and basic account features. This tier also allows for a high quantity of core pages.
This tier is applicable to medium sized eCommerce sites with core pages and features.

Applicable Payment Plans: One-Off Payment | 4 / 8 Monthly Installments (Interest Rates Apply).


Estimated Cost: £1000 - £4000

Makes something that stands out from the rest. Our Intermediate tier covers website that feature entirely bespoke elements. Some examples of Intermediate features are file management system, advanced booking systems, email and SMS integration, and notification systems.
This tier is applicable to large sized eCommerce sites with core pages and features.

Applicable Payment Plans: One-Off Payment | 4 / 8 / 12 Monthly Installments (Interest Rates Apply).


Estimated Cost: £4000+

You’re looking to build something big. ByteLine Studio has the design and development knowledge to bring your vision to life, ensuring you of a website that will dwarf any and all competitors. The Advanced tier covers the kind of features you would find in websites like Apple and Twitter.
This tier is applicable to large sized eCommerce sites with advanced pages and features.

Applicable Payment Plans: One-Off Payment | 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 Monthly Installments (Interest Rates Apply).

Additional Services

Mail Boxes Setup

Setup Fee: £20
One-Off Cost

Mail boxes are a single email address (i.e. example@example.com). ByteLine Studio currently charges a single setup fee per mailbox. This then entitles you to 25gb of free mail hosting per mailbox (that’s a lot!).

Domain Purchase

Start At: £20
Annual Cost

Domains are your website link (i.e. www.example.com). Our domains are purchased through our business account with a third party domain provider. We manage and maintain your domain for you, for free.

Website Maintenance

Starts At: £20
Monthly Cost

We can keep your website up-to-date and bug free. With our Website Maintenance service you can rest assured that your website will be able to keep up with the latest browser and device updates; and all errors will be corrected, even outside of your 1 year website warranty.
The prices for this package are determined by your website size, complexity, and requirements; assuring that we find the right cost for your needs.

Content Management

Starts At: £30
Monthly Cost

Don’t fancy handling your website? No problem, our Content Management Services means you can kick back and relax whilst we update all the latest content for your site. You’ll have a personally assigned developer, and this service includes our Website Maintenance service.
The prices for this package are determined by your website size, complexity, and requirements; assuring that we find the right cost for your needs.

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Our Insignia

The ByteLine Branding presents the users and target audience of your software with the assurance of its unbelievable build and unquestionable quality.

Everyone deserves to be recognised. Don’t you?

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BANK is ByteLine Studio’s payment services provider platform, designed to allow eCommerce users to easily manage their software based revenue. We built BANK to make sure that only the most minimal amount of oversight is needed.

Money Made Managable

Our Services

Want a clear breakdown of all the services we can provide for new clients? Here’s a simple overview:

Web Development

First impressions mean everything. Whether re-creating and re-inventing or starting from scratch, ByteLine formulate unique web designs that compliment your websites purpose in everyway.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications are the gateway to modern marketing. Applications can range in complexity and genre, from dynamic utilities to thrilling games and much more.


The success of any company or project depends solely on its formation. With ByteLine's unique marketing materials and designs, your project will always have the strength and style it needs to succeed.

General Software

ByteLine has developed a range of different programs. Examples of previous work include complex order-form systems used by employees, too much simpler input-output systems to calculate a company's possible cash flow forecast.

Our Design Process

Wonder how ByteLine comes up with such advanced and breath taking designs? Well here is our little secret, we follow a simple 4 step rule to assure our clients that their website is at it’s best potential:


Our designs start with the most innovative of ideas, broken down into the most elementary of features.


Taking each unique layer of design and assessing its quality and placement, without being afraid to revise and refresh our ideas.


To assure the clarity of our designs, we seek approval from the target audience of the software.


The final product has a distinct identity, designed to shape the concept of imagination and compliment the elegance of reality.

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“Education Made Exemplary.”

Bringing education forward into the modern age. EME is an entirely bespoke virtual learning environment implemented into educational establishment to replace its enrolment process, mobile application, desktop application, student intranet, and comes complete with a simple content management system that can be used anywhere, at anytime.


Summer 2014 - 6 students, having just completed the first year of their BTEC Level 3 Software Development Course, pitched the concept of a mobile application to Bromley College’s Dragons Den. This application was to be used by the students of Bromley College of Further & Higher Education (LSEC), with the aim of providing access to a range of productive features promoting their education and every-day lives in College.

In just 8 weeks these first year students, planned, designed, built, tested and launched an entire mobile application named the BCMA (Bromley College Mobile Application) to be used by 8000 students. The BCMA gained positive feedback from its users, and the 6 developers were presented with a number of awards from Bromley Council.

Due to the team’s success, these 6 developers officially established ByteLine Studio Ltd as a private limited company on the 26th January 2015. This led to the formulation of EME and MySight, two of ByteLines proudest creations. Just 4 months after forming their company, during May 2015, the co-founders of ByteLine Studio Ltd were honoured at the House of Lords in recognition of their outstanding entrepreneurial mind-sets and achievements.

"Technology encompasses the aura of modern-day magic."

Mr. Connor Reyes
- Managing Director & Co-Founder-


"A world without software is a world without potential."

Mr. James Kemp
- IT Director & Co-Founder -


"Technology is inescapable, in both its reach and its relevance."

Mr. Harry Davis
- IT Systems Director & Co-Founder -


About skills

All members of ByteLine Studio Ltd have passed thorough examination in their ability to write or solve both simple and complex programs. Each member has studied at least 5 of the following programming languages; Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Swift, C, C++, C# and Objective C. Each and every team member is encouraged to work on independent projects away from assigned work, testing the complexity and strength of their work.


Software should run effectively and compliment its usability. Design is an important process in the implementation of any software; it should provide a sense of stability and pride to the owner. The user interface of our software is designed to compliment the unique colour scheming of each individual client, whether they are an established business or an individual. All projects come complete with a private photographer, producing professional and pulchritudinous pieces of art.


ByteLine offer general I.T. systems services. These services include upgrading, installing, maintaining and software/ hardware repairs. We will offer you a complimentary systems analysis with a diagnostics report and our professional recommendations in terms of improving your I.T systems. For more information on the services we offer, please see the below contact us form.

Contact Us

ByteLine Studio Ltd
London Based | Serves Globally
Contact Number - +44 (0) 333 577 0669
Contact Email - contact@bytelinestudio.com

For any and all enquiries please fill out the below form with the correct information and click the "send message" button. We will reply as soon as possible from the above-mentioned address. For any urgent enquiries, please contact the above-mentioned number. Enquiries on work placements will require statements of your position of interest and evidence of your capabilities.

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